Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Travelogue - Chennai to Colombo - Part 4

Part 4 - 19th Dec 2007 to 21st Dec 2007

No rain here on 19th Dec. Feeling better bcoz there were rains in Chennai. CCH tried some new menu for us like spicy jack fruit curry, paratha, some kind of idiyappam.

Climate here is very funny and we felt really humid on 20th morning. Climate oscillates between rain and warm very fast and it gives some irritation of body adjustment. I have learnt to drink black coffee, black tea.

We had a good session with customer on 20th Dec and we went through work smoothly on 20th. Our travel plan to Anuradhapura, Kandy (semi-official trip) was finalised by customer. So we started planning out for that.

We had some indication that we will not be able to book the lodging in Anuradhapura and we need to go out to look for it. We made up our mind for some adventure.

On 21st, we went to House of Fashion and bought some clothing material. I didnt like Boy's dress whereas others were reasonably good. The sizes for shirting above 43 were bit of issue and white shirts were in shortage. We entered the shop by 10am and realised the crowd starts in full mode by 11am or so. We had some time to breathe and we picked our stuff. The prices were quite reasonable. Shirts were priced from LKR 500 (5 USD) to LKR 1450 (14 USD) approximately.

We came back to room after eating our lunch in Amaravati. We went out to buy a trolley bag (from China) and we bought in Pettah market area near our hotel. Initially he quoted LKR 2300 (22 USD) and we closed it out for LKR 1800 (17 USD). CCH tried their hand in Indian food so we got Chapathi, Dhall Fry for dinner on 21st Dec.

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