Friday, July 3, 2009

copy cat

Dimsy has copied 6 of my lyrics posts and published in one single shot on june 24. This is not new, this is one of the countless instances.

Sickening. Regular followers of my web page are advised to note this and requested to support only original workers !!!


  1. i totally agree with you!!!!!!!

  2. agreed,we know d pain tryin to generate original content n these ppl copy it n don't giv credit......

  3. Dear VG, Disable right click on ur page...! that would do.. !!

  4. but of course there other ways to copy without right clicking... even a simple ctrl+c would work on Mozilla...

    Its just that original works always bear a true style that differentiates it from other fakers... Your blog has it truly.. don't worry about them fakers!