Thursday, November 5, 2009

Music Review of Odipolamaa

Album Name: Odi Polaamaa
Music By: D Imman
Overall Rating: Very Good

1. Vaalu Paiyane By Anitha & Ranjith - 3/5 - Normal melody
2. Puchandi Puchandi By Arathi Kankilar - 3.5/5 - decent melody on love philosophy.
3. Ragala Kaara Maaman By D.Imman - 4/5 - Jazzy feel. Nice singing by Imman.
4. Aruvi Pola By Krish 3/5 - typical melody, murmuring of boy on lover girl. Track has got decent music arrangement.
5. Ading Ading By D.Imman & Rita - 5/5 - Excellent mass number. Simple lyrics decorate this instantly catchy tune.
6. Odipolama Junkyar By Arati Kankilar & Dinesh Kanagaratinam - 4/5 - same as puchandi track. But the male rap/chorus is elevates this version.

Cant believe this album sounds such a decent time pass when compared naan avan illai album. Probably, the director, freedom makes such a big difference. My only doubt from this album is --- will ading ading track come close to the famous manmadha raasa track in terms of popularity ?


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