Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tum Mile - Movie Review

Tried our luck for 2012 and ended up watching Tum Mile. Had some expectation after reading reviews of TOI, B.W.H, Rediff. But the movie turned out to be a big bore.

Ex-lovers meet after six years and the flash back starts. Love story of Emraan and Soha starts in Cape Town and it oscillates bwn the present period. Present period is the fateful day in Mumbai floods, deluge in 26th July 2005.

No chemistry bwn the lead pair, very insipid love, fight incidents bwn the lead pair, very long movie with two and half hours duration with no interesting incidents makes you highly uncomfortable. In satyam where i watched, people started commenting loudly scene after scene. thats how they entertained themselves.

Only saving grace of the movie was the excellent music of Pritam. Pls listen to the music and avoid a visit to theatre.