Saturday, February 6, 2010

ASAL - Movie Review

Saw my first movie, that too, tamil movie in Pune - that is Asal.... My feedback goes like this:

Story: One big man.. his two sons have hatred against another son... why bcoz of the dad's affair (chinna veedu) logic... they are all in arms dealing biz... they slug it out for 2 hours... Yuhi Sethu fails to provoke any laughter but makes the story move.

Acting: Ajit as usual tries his best to carry the movie on his shoulders.... Sameera and Bhavna are pretty decent. The villains are ok but some how it doesnt settle with you.

Technical: Photography is good and cool. Choreography is really bad. in fact, ajit competes with Bhagyaraj in kuthiraikku song and loses badly. The movie is mounted stylshly...

Music: I liked 2-3 songs when the music released. But in the movie, they are all cut by half.

What i liked: London location, conversation bwn Sameera and Bhavna

Opinion: We know it will be a masala movie., but why cant u make it little better? avoidable movie, over all.

Crowd: I saw it E Square, Pune. Crowd was cool, noisy and celebrating.60% occupancy for the first day, night show.


  1. hie :) i never knew u maintained a blog :)
    anyways, about the review, feel sorry fr ajith fans...:) heheh

  2. hi vijay sir,

    after watching asal yday, i wanna say tht i too share the very same thoughts on ur review.

    story: it was pretty much predictable, but much cud hv been improved on. we hv seen such stories in a 2 hrs english movie and i believe much cud b done in a 3hrs slot.

    acting: ajith has rised after a long gap. he has taken alot of consideration in every aspect of his acting skills and also his appearance in every scene. Sameera pulls of her character well as smart elegant woman. As for bhavana, i felt her character was kinda wasted in d overall movie. But Bhavana has certainly pushed herself to compete with Sameera in terms of her appearance n dancing abilities. The villains as u mentioned, it doesn't settle with us simply bcoz i believe we have been too used to d typical stereotype villains in other tamil movies.

    technical: overall, its nice to see tht saran didnt stick to his typical way of movie making. back in kadhal manan to vasool raja days, he had the tendency of shooting a whole movie in 1 particular spot.cud hv been influenced by ajith since he was the co-director. d.o.p - i believe saran has got a new guy handling the cameras this time and it was a job well done. choreography - same as ur thoughts. stunts - was good. editing - anthony at his best. art - a decent job. costume designer - a detailed job was done on ajith overall.

    music: bharadwaj has got his own ways when it comes to producing some heavy dance beat (or percussion) song like Thontentoing and Dusyanta songs. but i personally feel it cud hv been better if proper lyrics were in it (dun get me wrong .. no offence to kaviperarasu vairamuthu, just my humble opinion). im looking for d day where bharadwaj wud be able to deliver 5 out of 5 hit songs instead of 1 or 2. by d way, i didnt see or hear the song Yenggae yenggae song by SPB in the movie (or was it removed in the d screenings in malaysia?)

    what i like: d dialogs in the movie was well penned. esp d conversation btw sameera n bhavana really caught my attention. ajith's appearance was simply amazing, although i personally believe tht he needs to shed some weight. its nice to see tht the costume designer did a decent job esp on ajith after a long gap.

    my opinion: prabu's role cud hv been put more into consideration like playing d role of d father instead of juz a cameo role for nothing. yuhi sethu cud hv been avoided from this movie as he only reminded me of vadivelu's role as Nai Shekar. being a malaysian, i cud easily recognise tht d scenes of where ajith goes under cover as don hamsa in the fishing village, the scene where ajith meets bhavana and puts the kungumam on her forehead .. it was kinda artificial but i suppose its all norm in show biz. fyi - this is saran's 2nd attempt of portraying malaysia as india (chennai in Modhi Villaiyadu, mumbai in Asal)

    wat caught me by surprise was that it wasnt easy to get tickets for asal in my area - although, Goa and Theeratha Villayatu Pillai had good runnings here. everytime i tried to purchase asal tickets, i was told full hse for all shows in d last 4 days. the last i knew an ajith movie getting a full hse was way back in amarkalam days.

    i guess it's all a good sign for ajith and i sincerely hope that his forthcoming movies wud hv him donning a good role in a good movie with a good story line rather than the old ones tht drained him out from the rat race.

    juz my humble and sincere sharing.. no offense intended :o)

  3. its a super hit movie..finish

  4. This movie is good for technical stuff..Story like modern it a hit or flop?

  5. pradeep, may be break-even. but for a star movie, it is not enough.