Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pune Camp

Pune Camp area is an active commercial locality - malls, shopping, hotels, pubs...and a typical MG Road :)
Locality is quite good, mix of wide and narrow roads.. mix of old and new structures...

Ram Krishna, PUne - Vegetarian restaurent - offers wide variety of indian food... one things stands out missing in the menu is - Thali or buffet lunch or dinner... All ala-carte for some strange reason... food, taste is quite decent... reasonably priced... cuisine is not definitely authentic, sambar is full of sweet, veg biriyani is awefully bad and comes with dark brown color.... But But But the other items like Pulav, Naan, Panner tasted reasonably well. Do visit and eat but choose your menu carefully.

SGS Mall - typical mall, no great shakes.

Kayani Bakery - Lovely, tasty biscuits. Dont even think of missing this place.

East Street Cafe - Nice setup and getup like some European street. Nothing more than that. You order Nachos... some readymade nacho with another readymade butter poured over it... come on guys, just dont take people for granted for Rs.150 !!!

Shoppers Stop - Great place for bird watching... shop at your own will :)

MG Road - little high end shopping, big shops, decent collection of jewellery and textiles.

and some glimpse of places for you....

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