Saturday, February 20, 2010

Trip to Konkan coast Dapoli

Onward Journey Pune to Dapoli
via Katraj tunnel, Harrisons Foly (New Wai), Panchgani, Poladpur, Khed

Return Journey Dapoli to Pune
via Veer (river), Shenale, Ambet, Lonere Phata, Mangaon, Mulshi, Pirangut, Pashan, Pune

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Distance covered - 650kms with a hired tavera
Terrain - Mountains and Ghats with very limited plains

Self and couple of friends went around to explore Konkan coast. It turned out to be a memorable experience. The trip started off with drive through lovely Katraj tunnel - nice, wide and long one with good light. The drive in the hills of Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar was relatively peaceful but little strenuous. Mapro gardens was a wonderful place and gave us some relief. Simple garden with eating facilities. Also provides sneak preview of manufacturing facilitues through transparent glass windows. Nicely marketted i should say.

We reached Dapoli around 1:30pm (7hrs of journey) and went to SeaPrincess resort. It was right on the beach, quiet place with basic facilities. The lunch was very decently made and we went out to see Panhale kaji caves where pandavaas supposed to have lived. No proper route guidance was given to us and we took some round about route to reach there by close to 2h and 15m where as the return trip just took one hour or so.

The caves were interesting and were on a riverside. The caves offered glimpse of facilities, worship of lord shiva and was found in 1976. The caves were quite long and going interior and could take more than a day to visit each and every one.

We returned back had dinner and slept. Woke up early morning and went on a ferry ride. The ocean was quiet and the waves were generally subdued. Water color was not green and it was semi green with mixture of black. The ride was peaceful but we could not sight the dolphins. I was very disappointed with that but to my dismay the ferry ride of another batch over the next hour successfully sighted couple of Dolphins.

We had breakfast at Lotus Resort (group of Kamat) and it was a good property and loads of facilities. The buffett breakfast was priced at Rs.100 and had a decent offering of bread, eggs, idly, sambar, pav and misal. We ate and went on ride to Anjarle. It turned out to be one wonderful ride with picturesque locales of ocean, mountain, temples, eagles.

We went from Ganesha temple of Anjarle to Keshav raj temple which was situated in Ashwadbag. The temple was deep inside a forest. So, we had a scenic walk inside the forest for some 45m to reach the temple. One can happily medidate in that forest as there was no disturbance at all. We loved every bit of this visit due to its serene atmosphere.

We came back and had lunch at one of the villager's place. Traditional maharashtrian, konkan lunch cooked with normal vessells without any gas facility. Food was very nice - Rotis, chawl, dal with 3 different curry.

We returned back to Pune in different route which was less of Ghat but it took same time of close to 6-7hours.

Over all rating: Interesting.

Warning: Dont plan your journey time on kilo meters... it takes double the time to travel


  1. Nice write up .
    highlight carrots n strawberrries at mapro n mahabaleshwar .its not misili its called misal .so exploring and enjoying here

  2. Nice review and excellent snaps. Konkan coast is always awesome.. I am reminded of a trip from Goa to Kumta in Konkan railways in 98.

  3. Thanks for visiting my home town, Panchgani...