Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sensex outlook - November 2010

Nifty was getting support bwn 5950 - 6000 levels and unable to cross 6175 levels thru Oct. Nifty might break out 6150 range and could move to 6250 - 6350 range in November due to continuing strong inflows.

Sugar stocks could be the surprise package in November. I would also recommend IFCI, Lakshvi Vilas Bank for short term gains.

Update on Nov 15: Nifty broke the 6165 and touched 6325 levels and then had a violent drop to 6050 levels. Weakness likely to presist and Nifty is likely to test 5937 - 5955 range. Need to wait and see whether it can hold. 6150 - 6185 will be the stiff resistance for November.


  1. i've always wondered what stock was all about. I'm an engineer too. What should I do to figure out how stock works? I love Tamil lyrics!!! Many times your blog is the first result on the net for lyrics of new songs!!!
    Great Job!!!

  2. Thanx Hemz. Start reading economic times on daily basis and understand the basics. You will then understand whats behind the stock market.