Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Trip to Ahmedabad

I decided to spend this Diwali away from family and in Ahmedabad... mainly to understand how Diwali is celebrated in other parts of India and to understand the lakshmi puja concept.

Ahmedabad City is hot and shining heavily. Its relative small. My site-seeing trip took hardly 100kms. Broad roads, malls, traffic jams are common.

I relished my food in The Village, Vishalla. Vishalla's food taste and service were exceptionally good especially. I would recommend a visit to Vishalla.

I loved grandeur and the superb maintenance of Akshardam temple. Unfortunately, not allowed to take pictures. Exhibitions were there inside with some movie like light and sound effect.

What to say for the Adalaj Step - Well .... 3 storeyed well... lovely art work, pillars. Highly imaginative... same with Lal Darwaja steel jollies...

People are helpful and communicative. Only thing is, you need to ask for each and everything like even "switch on FM radio" while in taxi...

Worth visiting for any Foodies....

Picture Link - http://picasaweb.google.com/svijayganesh/Ahmedabad2010#

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