Sunday, December 26, 2010

Man Madan Ambu - Movie Review

I saw Man Madan Ambum at Mayajaal on 25th Dec evening. My opinion below:

1. Story - Rich guy (maddy) is in love with an actress (Trisha) and is suspicious abt her. He hires a ex army major (Kamal) for tracking her while she is holidaying with her classmate friend (Sangeetha). The story unfolds slowly after that ....

2. Casting - Picture perfect.

3. Acting - Sangeetha and her vaal payyan excels in their roles. Maddy is also very good.

4. Technical - Shoddy editing. I observed easily some 6-7 abrupt cuts or hops while I watched. Photography is just adequate. Costumes are so so. The colors of white tops of Trisha for the Hummer drive is hardly visible while she steps out. Such is the selection.

5. Kamal - Story is so so. Screen play is too good and ties down all lose ends. Dialogues are very good like "Kobathil uchcha kattame ahimsai thaan", "alimony was good". Acting - Nothing new., we hv seen it already !

6. Direction - K S Ravi Kumar sounded like holidayed. He should cut down talkie portion to some extent and converted it in action. Drama feel :( :( :(

7. My favourite scenes - Kattai viran scene, Flashback and its reverse technology.

8. Lacking - Drama feel should have been avoided; no logic for love combinations - example Trisha / Kamal - was it bcoz of love, pity or karma ? Same for maddy's.

9. Over all verdict - Oru Murai Paarkalaam and no great shakes


  1. Awesome Vijay...Feel like seeing the movie now.

  2. Sangeetha's dialogue delivery was brilliant. I loved the reverse flashback scene too.

    I really didn't see the link b/w Kamal-Trisha love either.

  3. we cud accept at least trisha's love with kamal (may be out of sympathy and her would-be being suspicious abt her all the time) but the other way is completely unacceptable! Not sure why kamal mess up with in good stories always (like his love with manisha koirala in Mumbai xpress and uma riyaz's love with him in anbe sivam) I liked the movie except for the climax. attempted to make it crazy mohan's style but didn't work out :(

  4. I liked Sangeetha, I am a fan of hers

  5. THe movie rocks.............kamal is the champion