Sunday, January 16, 2011

Busy 45 days

Hi Folks., Long time since i had simple post to update you all...

1. Had a busy 45 days from Dec first. Came back from Pune., had to set domestic issues in order.

2. Had a lot to catch up with family, friends and relatives. Went around a bit and met first circle.

3. Then, December music festival started. Had season ticket for Parthasarathy swami sabha, Mylapore. Listened close to 15 concerts. Marked improvement in my listening skills w.r.t carnatic music.

4. Working on to identify raagas. As of now., little comfortable in Taalam !

5. Some work at office too. Driving down to MEPZ (21km) is bit tiring and creating little discomfort in knee joints. So., avoiding peak hours as of now.

6. Finally., linked my domain name to my blog. You will be able to see "" hereafter instead of

7. Will try to write generic posts regularly from this month...

8. Will post Lyrics only if it is really interesting.... or if it is from a quality composer. and will avoid sundry songs from 2011.

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