Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eden fiasco - a funny take

Ground inspection is going on by ICC. An imaginative, funny take on how the inspection would have got carried out...

ICC: Can we inspect the ground ?
Eden Off: yes pls
ICC: How many stands we have ?
Eden Off: 10
ICC: How many are ready ?
Eden Off: all are ready. but you are supposed to check it. Dont you want to check?
ICC: Yes., we will check. Why no chairs on this stand?
Eden Off: Chairs will be put in another 10 days. you see., there will be dust when construction is going on. so., we want that to get over.
ICC: When this stand 7 will get ready ?
Eden Off: dont tell anybody sir... this was ready some 5 months before. But the top three rows got collapsed and then we rectified it. It is almost ready now.
ICC: (didnt know what to react)... now, is it ready or not ?
Eden Off: yes, it is ready now. only painting is pending.
ICC: Why the Debris is remaining all over?
Eden Off: If we clean all the debris, it will bring drishti. we will remove it 15 days before the match.
ICC: What is drishti ?
Eden off: you see., folks who walk inside will say "wow","beautiful"... that will bring drishti. and it is not good for the stadium.
ICC: Where about the lights ?
Eden Off: Tower is there. We bought Crompton lamps instead of Philips to save some money. But we cant test it now.
ICC: Why ?
Eden off: We have not paid the Electricity bill during last three months. bcoz, construction work was going on. No need for light... you know...
ICC: Faints....


  1. Nice one :D this can definitely happen and i will not be surprised :)

  2. yeah! some people(ICC) couldn't understand about our ethics... be a muddy indian(Indian sport)! ithu thaanya namma panpaadu ! ithu thaanya namma kolkai ! :)

  3. this is taking india for a toss in the world countries image. As an indian i dont expect an indian to post this sort of message- Renuka, UK