Friday, January 21, 2011

Mass crowd is dangerous

India's population has grown exponentially.... Infrastructure is no match for the demand. Hence, Sabarimala cannot handle 1.2 crore people in 45 days duration.

It is foolish to presume "no risk" mentality to go places like Kumbhmela, Sabarimala to quote as example... We are in a country where there is no value for life, risk, protection, organised approach, Queue system or quota system or any scientific measurement based ticketing system.

In fact, parents make the kids to follow "no footwear" in those period ... I feel like slapping their parents than kids. Senseless is the only word.

Note : I am not against going to temples but against mass visits.


  1. So true... and sad to see it happens year after year....

  2. Very very true, Vijay. I have been to Sabarimala 5 times. If I think of going now, I guess I have lost what it takes to endure there.