Monday, January 23, 2012

Haywire - Movie Review

Haywire - Movie Review; Watched at Cineworld Jersey on 22nd Jan, 2011

There are no great shakes in Haywire ... International assassins, chases, killing, betrayal, revenge .... are presented in this movie too.

What is different then ?

Screenplay or narrative style had been done nicely. Style and Color of the movie is elegant...  beach fight is one classy example of that. Casting or the Hero is different... we have Gina Carano with a fabulous personality and and tilts up action scenes... & dialogues.... which comes once in a while !!!

Background music of David Holmes is quite impressive and he decks up the scenes with perfect techno sound and goes silent for fighting scenes with just punching sound....

I liked it :) 

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  1. It has some kind of have an Ocean's Eleven feel to it with how it wraps up, and I was actually looking forward to the reveals that you normally get as the movie concludes. The pacing is just right and I loved how this movie ended! I walked out of this totally satisfied.