Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NEPV Music - Lacks Imagination

NEPV Music - Lacks Imagination

Neethaaney En Pon Vasantham music was keenly expected as it is the first of GVM and Maestro combo...
I love Raja Sir Music and there is not a day which gets passed without it. But But But ....

after listening to some 15 - 20 times., the following are my reaction !
My pick of the lot Saaindhu Saaindhu & vaanam mella;

a. NEPV is supposed to be a youthful movie... does music sound vibrant, energetic & youthful ?  I don't think so.

b. Does the music got any new creative attempts ? Sadly, No. But also involves heavy orchestration.

c. Does the music suit multi lingual attempt ? Tamil - Could work upto 60%; Telugu 30%; Hindi - Highly unlikely

d. Considering it is around 42 minutes of music and the music would play a major role in taking the movie forward... it definitely lacks the punch and finesse to lock you in the seat !

e. GVM - NEPV Lyrics give enough clue abt meet-break-meet ! Lot of people were tired after watching Trisha's tantrum in VTV., and hope you do some justice to heroine's character this time.

I missed Thamarai's lyrics bigtime on GVM movie in NEPV. Also wondering heavily about the interlude music of Saaindhu Saaindhu and trying to imagine what is in store as the director's cue !


  1. true....agree on all the points...except the saindu saindu could have had a better male voice...sadly it is lazzy yuvan voice (though i a big fan of his voice, does not suit here), felt katrai nirka sol had some traditional raja marks...otherwise an album to just pass

  2. Die hard fan of IR. But NEP sucks big time

  3. NEVP music will be understood/appreciated only by those who play, learn or compose music based on established fundamentals of carnatic, western, jazz, opera etc. NEPV is not for the flippant listener. Every song has complex layers of jazz, classical western and more seamlessly interwoven with rustic folk melody which is probably 60 or 70ish.

    1. exactly true . ilayaraja's interludes are mind blowing and not resembling at all any other musician's works . in the name of modernity and youthfulness most of the present musicians are exactly following the western style and producing more noise than music .! no originality and nothing new in present day scorers .

  4. As Goutham said "oru laptop and internet connectoin irundhal pothum, ennavenunnalum pesuvanga", we just post anything that comes to our mind without thinking much. Do you listen or like Bach or Beethoven? You cannot degrade them becuase they are not as popular as MJ songs. If you dont like the NEPV songs, it doesn't mean they are not good. So many CDs have been sold and many likes it very much and give respect to them and just say I could not like it. Please do not be jerk and judgemental like saying "lacks imagination" or bla bla..... Thank you...