Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Will India Shine ?

India is on headlines for all the wrong reasons ... Bribery & corruption, coalition politics, lack of reforms and hurried reforms, abuse of democracy, slower economic growth etc etc.

When will India become super power ?

How do we raise our head and say proudly - We are Indians ?

When will get the quality of life which we deserve for paying 33% Income Tax ?

When will India Shine ? truly, really, nicely ?

are some of the questions I used to ponder for over last 15 years. In between, I managed to visit and work in multiple countries and observed the the way their society is built. According to me, the key points are listed below:

1. Fear for Law - that Law would punish people for their crimes committed in a reasonable period of time and the justice process ( like vaaidha, manouvering witness) cannnot be bought easily.

2. Bribery for day to day transactions must stop.

3. Responsibility and accountability of the officials of the Government - must happen and the visibility to be made public.

4. Infrastructure must help farmers, traders to move good freely in all modes of transportation - Road, Rail and Ship. Storage, shipping facilities must drastically improve.

5. Canal systems must be made workable so that Villages can benefit.

6. Above all, People should become much more responsible - they must own their actions instead of passing their mistakes - for things like usage of dust bin to paying bribes.

Without these, India can not shine like Singaore or Korea - India can be just another country who is trying to fight for their survival..... forever !

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