Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I am very passionate about stock market and economics and follow that closely. I am an investor and my stock recommendations are made in good faith and most of it are my own interpretation or analysis. Hence, the disclaimer below.


Stock Recommendation Service, is a general recommendation service and is not to be construed as an individual investor specific Portfolio Management and Advisory Service.

The User warrants that he/she/it shall obtain independent investment advice before making any Investment based on such recommendation. Investors are strictly advised to adher to implement stop loss method to avoid losses related to trading.

The Service should not be construed to be an advertisement for solicitation for buying or selling of any securities.

Self or shall not be responsible for any loss or liability incurred to the user as a consequence of his or any other person on his behalf taking any investment decisions based on the information, recommendations, research reports, analysis, quotes, etc. provided on the web site.

Self or shall also not be liable for errors, omissions or typographical errors, disruption delay, interruption, failure, deletion or defect of/in the Service provided by it.

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