Monday, October 8, 2007

Indian Stock Markets

New theory or syllabus in vogue for the last fortnight in Indian stock markets.

The index is going up but Advances - Declines ratio is having -ve bias for most of the last fortnight.

What does it mean

a. Portfolio re-shuffling is going on full swing.
b. People are selling stocks of some industries and shifting the money to some other industry. Example from IT stocks to Power stocks.
c. Dont always look at sensex or nifty to execute your trades. Tread carefully and look for patterns.
d. Always look for Charm (industries or stocks which has a charm of most of players). Like Reliance has been darling of stock markets for over 20 years. There is no point in betting underperforming stocks which does not have market charm.
e. Example for the above - look the return given by Patni when compared to Hexaware. Both are second rung stocks but their charm is totally different.

Happy investing !!!

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