Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Hindu - Highly Biased editorial

Background - SC's comments on DMK's bandh sorry strike -

Karunanidhi said it was only a hunger strike by the ruling party. However, only 61 buses of the state government's 16 thousand buses were running because of the strike.As its orders were flouted, an angry Supreme Court said the state could be put under President's Rule. But the allies of the DMK were quick to come to the chief ministers defence.''If this is the attitude of the DMK Government, the UPA Government should not feel shy of dismissing it and impose President's Rule,'' the court observed. It paralysed the people's movement, business on Oct 1.

The Hindu published Editorial on Wednesday's Newspaper - It went on blaming excessive activism by Judiciary.

But the point needs to be taken is:

1. Bandh is viewed as Unconstitutional by Supreme Court
2. People were held to ransom
3. Economic loss could be as high as Rs.750crore per bandh in Tamil Nadu
4. More over, there is no meaning for bandh as DMK is part of both state and central government and they cant do bandh against themselves. It is a total mockery.
5. Worse, the matter is sub-judice. Law minister had already submitted to court asking 3 months time.

But The Hindu didnt bother to take note on all the above. They went on abusing judiciary and didnt care to look at the basics.

Sorry State of affairs and they matched or even beat Murasoli (party organ of DMK).

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