Thursday, October 4, 2007

on New Tamil Movie Songs

I am sick and tired of new tamil movie songs. Some 75 tamil movies come every year and most of the songs are meaningless, kuthu pattu etc...

Most of them have predictable sounds, pattern and not leading anywhere after couple of listenings.

Very few songs are good which comes from Rahman, Harris & Yuvan. I think, we deserve better songs, tunes instead of ear damaging Kuthu Pattu.

1 comment:

  1. Rahman and good songs????? You must be joking Vijay Ganesh! The last time Rahman composed good songs for a film was eons ago. For the time he takes to compose song for one movie, Ilayaraja would have composed ten and made all of them hits.

    Less said about Rehash Jayaraj the better.

    Yuvan - he is a chip off the old block. No doubt he has variety from Paruthiveeran kind of songs to Satham podathey.