Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Australia's Cricket Tour to India in October 2008

Australia's Cricket Tour to India in October 2008

Austraia should not visit India to play cricket in September 2008. Security situation remains a concern and it can not be dismissed simply.

Terror strikes in India rapidly raising and caused hundreds of deaths in the recent past. If Pakistan tour can be skipped for security reason, India is no different. Democracy cannot be the single differential factor... by the same argument... Pakistan could have also provided enough security like China did.

India and Pakistan would be worse in law and order situation among the cricket playing countries - Bangladesh, Zimbabwe does not come under scrutiny whereas Sri Lanka's case is completely different.

Indians should protest against government if Australians get extra or special security. Resident Indians do not experience the quality of life why should the Ministers / politicians or foreigners should get the special, secured treatment?

If at all the tour proceeds, the sole reason could be attibuted as " financial consideration"; Sincere Indians must ignore this tour for the ill treatment they receive as the first citizen of this country.


  1. well ,i would second ur opinion..
    The terrorists are playing mind game .If the normal life gets disrupted then it means their victory..i don't see why Australians should not come ..
    are we leaving our country just because terrorist are attacking our country ...
    i think they should come ..