Thursday, September 25, 2008

Imaginery Interview with Shivraj Patil

Imaginery Interview with Shivraj Patil, Home Minister, India

Coffee Break

Journalist: Sir., people are disturbed by recent bomb blasts. What is your reaction?

Shivraj Patil: It is very sad to find people standing by or near the bombs. Entire police force is wondering how people are crowding near bombs without any sense ! We are working on crowd psychology.

Journalist: Sir., pls elaborate...

Shivraj patil: People should stay away from crowded places and spend their week ends in home with family, children. What is there to shop on every week end? People should save money instead of spending. It is good for future.

Journalist: This is a very bold comment Sir... any more views?

Shivraj Patil: People should understand that police cannot protect each and every one. 25% of Police force is busy in protectiog ministers and other officials. Another 25% is busy in investigating the existing cases. 10% would be protecting the police stations from naxals, terrorists. 5% of force would be on leave and 10% of force would be attending every day ad hoc work. So only 25% of force is left with. So, i request the citizens to be responsible for themselves.

Journalist: Sir., we have understood the point. Why did you change your dress three times during the Delhi blast?

Shivraj Patil: I am a cabinet minister and I should look good. Instruction is clearly given by Soniaji to dress nicely. Only Lalooji is given exception. Thats why i changed my dress thrice. I got a feedback from people across the world that my attitude and dress colors gave comfort to them.

Journalist: Thank you sir for your time...

Note: Minister withdraws his comments "as quoted out of context" after lot of protest from people !!! in 6 hours gap.

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