Saturday, September 6, 2008

Chennai traffic manners

Chennai traffic manners or culture

1. How do you find a maami inside a car - very easy, the door gets closed mostly with some part of pattu saree struck under the door

2. When a two wheeler driver turns his head on right or left - he is not looking at girls standing at the bus stop or hoardings - damn it he is going to turn on that side without putting indicator !!!

3. A two wheeler driver - will always take a blind turn without clear visibility of road

4. A two wheeler driver - They will always stop one step or front wheel ahead of a already waiting two wheeler !!!

5. A cab driver - would always honk first when signal turns green without touching clutch even if he is standing first on the signal !!!

6. A Cab driver - would always drive in between the lanes - one wheel on one side of a white line marked for a division and another wheel on another side.

7. Chennai corporation bus would always take off from a bus stop and move towards extreme right before coming back all the way to middle lane

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