Monday, June 1, 2009


Some general Ramblings:

1. Was in Spencer Plaza yesterday., crowd was there but little shopping was carried out by people. Eating out was in full swing although.

2. Markets have gone up substantially. But seems people have missed out the bottom days, and jumped in full swing post election outcome. Jump in midcaps, small caps relfected the severe interest.

3. Chennai's traffic sense is worsening. Some one Over takes you from left side of your car and try U-turn. Inflicted to me thrice last week.

4. Chennai's heat wave was making us to run for cover. Only difference was, breeze was heavy. Otherwise, sweat was same.

5. My net connection has considerably slowed over last 20 days. No clue of why. Gave a complaint but yet to see any positive response. Irritating !

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