Saturday, April 24, 2010

Raavan (Hindi) - Music Review

Album Name - Raavan (Hindi)
Music By - A R Rahman
Overall rating - Excellent

01. Beera Beera By Vijay Prakash, A. R. Rahman, Kailash Kher, Aslam Mustafa & Keerthi Sargathia - 5 / 5 - Instantly catchy. sounds like a hero intro song.

02. Behene De By Karthik & Mohammed Irfan 5 /5 - Melody, excellent rendition by karthik. Soft music arrangement is complemented by rockish guitar in the background here and there.

03. Thok De Killi By Sukhwinder Singh & Am'Nico - 4 / 5 - rustic song, energetic track and singing. watch out for the stanza music...both are terrific... phew... Sukhi just walks all over it.

04. Ranjha Ranjha By Rekha Bhardwaj, Javed Ali & Anuradha Sriram - 4 / 5 - Melody, nice lyrics and well sung.

05. Khilli Re By Reena Bhardwaj - 3 / 5 - melody and semi devotional track. First stanza music is damn good with nice work in Tabla. Reena's voice is very soft.

06. Kata Kata By Ila Arun, Sapna Awasthi & Kunal Ganjawala - 5/ 5 - rustic song with addictive and majestic or euphoric beats. Lyrical theme is "ek aur gaya"; Ila is just too wonderful. Music arrangement, rhythm management turned out to be amazing.

Expectation must be high when ever Mani, Rahman combo comes up.... cant avoid it, right... But the biggies must have been so used it... so u get another lovely album !!!


  1. you've heard the tamizh version of this?

  2. Tamizh version in another 7-10 days.. need to wait :)

  3. its taking sometime for me adapt to the songs from this movie.. beera2 .. is of coz the most catchy tune from this soundtrack ..

    eagerly waiting for the tamil release and also ur posting of the lyrics.. hope u dont mind sharing the translation as well ..

    tq !


  4. couldn't disagree with u more.songs are so underwhelming to say the least, like u said in ur previous post these songs will take a few days to overwhelm..definitely wont go rushing to buy this album, unless it starts to grow on me, no where close to tere bina and hosanna...

  5. Can t have fiqrana s and Hosanna s for this kinda movie !!

  6. I agree - Beera Beera was the only one to catch my attention the first pass. Will wait to see if the others grow on me.

    BTW, I am out of the loop here. What movies/language are Hosana, Mannipaaya and Aaoromale from ?

  7. The last part in Kata Kata is awesome.... Kerala Pooram style percussion...Superb!!!

  8. @Hari: They are from Vinaithaandi varuvaaya buddy.... Listen to them also...Good Album.

  9. looking fwd to ur views on Raavanan meejic. hope it has the same impact as Raavan songs.

  10. I am sorry, but IMHO this is the worst of all of ARR's albums till date. Probably the worst in Mani/ARR combo.

    How many can remember the charanams of songs in this album ?

    Big letdown by ARR !