Friday, April 30, 2010

Todays Managers

Current IT Managers way of work:

general observations are:

1. Decision making means dont confront the issue unless it is really escalated and and ignore replying to emails until the situation forces action
2. Find a resource and place them - there ends my job
3. Keep giving pipeline gas and survive
4. Thrive on confusion
5. Dont ever talk at 1000 feet on any topic and talk only at 1 Lakh feet with all jargons
6. Be a master of PPT preperation
7. Not considering the pros-cons in a approach but chooses short cut
8. Never answer with a "yes or No" for any question and give a no where certain reply
9. Be there first to take credit for success and Blame it on some poor fellow for failures

and the result is:

1. 90% of the projects are delayed
2. 100% of the projects are escalated
3. Maintain the situation of Uncertainity

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