Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Workforce sucks

Current IT workforce sucks in a big way....

general observations are:

1. Not going into detail
2. Not taking responsibility
3. Not taking accountability
4. Not following the logical office timings
5. Not listening to process, advice of peers
6. Half Baked knowledge but acts like a specialist
7. Lacks initiative, pro-active actions
8. Not considering the pros-cons in a approach but chooses short cut

and the result is:

1. 90% of the projects are delayed
2. 100% of the projects are escalated
3. Every one is disappointed
4. Shifts job but faces the same pain


  1. well said....true....nothing can be done with it...coz there are a lot of half backed and even empty headed fellows leading the team and projects :P

  2. ram anna... write up on that will follow soon :)