Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CNBC TV 18 - India

We have two business channels CNBC TV 18 & NDTV Profit. I will review these channels now.

CNBC TV 18 - Excellent analysts, presentation skills. Being the first channel, they have gained good standing in the market over last 7 years or so. Hence, their ability to reach out excellent brains across the globe is very good. Udayan, ayesha, lata & mitali carry the show in excellent way. Too many rewind (of what the guest said) happens in this channel.

NDTV Profit - Being the well known news channel helps them to "break" the news lot better than CNBC. NDTV's analysis on economics is far better than what they speak normally about stock market. No noteworthy anchors in this channel. Lunch show in NDTV profit is the best part where we can meet and listen to CEOs regularly.

Overall, thumbs up to CNBC.

1 comment:

  1. I prefer NDTV Profit. CNBC TV 18 concentrates mostly on stocks, while Profit has a comprehensive coverage of buiseness and economics including stock markets.
    Nasdaq live from New York (10:00 pm) gives a global indian perspective. Profit @ night is the best show to watch. Power Lunch is also power packed.
    You said they do not have worthy newreaders. well u seem to totally wrong on that part. NDTV Profit has Shivnath Thukral, Shaili Chopra, Nikunj Dalmia, Aashu Dutt just to mention a few.
    CNBC is still good, so I mostly swap when there are beraks on Profit.