Thursday, April 24, 2008

I told you so....

Very few times, we get a chance to do this... My turn goes now... On April 1 Nifty was around 4700 levels and it had a non stop rally from 3rd april onwards to 5050 levels on april 24 !!!

Extracted from what i wrote on april 1 on this blog >>>>>

"Hence, my outlook for april month is consolidation and framing of intermediary bottom of Nifty around 4550 to 4650 levels and Sensex around 14500 - 15000 levels. I expect market to stage a smart rally in april 2nd or 3rd week. Any further fall in indian stock prices could be curtailed by strong stocks like Hind Unilever, ITC, Reliance to a major extent. I dont expect Sensex to touch 13500 levels without these stocks falling heavily." <<<<<<

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