Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hogenakkal Issue

Anonymous asked my opinion on Hogenakkal issue. Thanks for asking my opinion. Here I go !!!

On a lighter vain, this entire episode is purely to motivate the cadres of respective organisations like political parties, linguistic chuvanist groups, actor's association etc...

General public should strictly ignore these events and observe the fun....and politely move out of touring in border areas; These things would keep happening every 2-3 years, script is same.

Have you ever seen such a wide publicity for GUCCI sun glasses as shown by tamil actors? Have you seen Cheran as angry young man... Just sit back and ensoi the punch dialogues... why to react in haste?

On a serious note, TN CM MK's projects put on hold is increasing... Be it satellite township, ram setu, new chennai airport or Hogenakkal water issue.... may be he should take retirement !!! He first claimed that he is stopping the project, then he said he is postponing the project, then he said he is not under any pressure from Sonia to stop this project, latest he said... he is negotiating japanese funds to start the project... very funny... he has got 50000 crores under his disposal but he do not have 1650 crores for this project !!!!!!!!!!!!! Probably, color TV is more important :)

Poor Congress... donno what to say... struck deeply between devil and deep sea....

If tamil actors association so upset with fellow Kannada actors, why not they stop selling dubbing / remake rights? Not co-operate on processing lab work etc.. taking risk of losing some revenue... they wont do it... becoz they just want publicity.

India needs to preserve water, build canals for farming, lay roads to connect millions of villages to be a real super power. The loss is mounting due to lack of storage facilities for food grains and vegetables.

Let us forget Abdul Kalam's vision for 2020.

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