Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Chennai Restaurants

I have got a new friend with whom I visited some restaurants during last 3 weeks. Might be useful to Chennaites.

Rasam: This restaurant is run by Shree Krishna Sweets and located near Poonamalle High Road Dharmaprakash. Old Bungalaw converted as hotel and ambience is not that much great.

But menu card said, the food speciality is "Kongu nattu unava vagai" (food from Kongu Nadu - i.e., around Erode); We ordered Melagu Paniyaram which was quite sumptuous for starter. We ordered Aapam and a gravy called "Santosha Bhojanam" which was very different like "Kootu". Sambar thickness was like Tomato Soup and tasted very well. Three different chutneys were also prepared well. We had one Oothappam and ordered a sweet "Ilaneer payasam" - it was simply out of world. The bill came to around Rs.450.

Can you guess the content of finger bowl?

It is the extract from hot tea pot with lemon. Overall a nice experience indeed.

Chit Chat: This is supposed to be a middle class restaurant with a USP of food until midnight. We went there by 10:30pm and could not find half of items. We finally ordered some kind of sizzler and managed to eat. Worth ignoring this place.

Cream Center: This restaurant is situated in R.A. Puram (on Chamiers Road). Good crowd hanging out always waiting for a place. So i got curious. We checked into this place and booked for our seat. We were asked to wait for some 15m. Finally we went in, very good ambience, fully crowded and noisy.

We ordered veg biriyani, sizzler and fresh lime soda. Delivery came in 12m and the food as really tasty. Then, we ordered some methi parotta and lentils. It offered good taste, soft, ideal for mouth watering feeling.

The bill came to around Rs.750 and i felt, it was worth spent.

But I would always love to eat the Uppuma of Drive Inn any number of times and sip a hot cup of coffee in Saravana Bhavan peters road !!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmy....

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