Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good tamil tracks - sep, oct 09

Some eight audio releases from the recent past made my music listening little difficult. Here I go with best of tracks from those:

1) Apple Laptop by Shankar Mahadevan, Chinmayi from jaggubhai - Fine ballad, starts off typically but gets addictive on multiple listens. Music by Rafi (man who supported Rahman for Signore song)

2) Thoothukudi Raanida by Renaina from Vettattam - Fine lyrics in this typical folk, koothu song

3) Kadhal Vandhe by Swetha from Vettattam - Lovely tune, what a robust drumming. wonderful. Brief song.

4) Kangal pesum by Swetha, Karthik from Vettattam - soft melody, duet, classical music based.

Vettattam music composed by Sree Sai V. Looks like a village based movie. But quality of music is very decent. Sree Sai has also done 1-2 telugu movies.

5) Kanakkalin by Shankar Mahadevan from Yen Ippadi Mayakkinaai - soft rock and portrays the hero on high ground. nice tune.

6) yennevo seidhaai by Shreya Ghosal, Kailash Kher from Yen Ippadi Mayakkinaai - soft melody with hindustani fusion

7) dravida parise by benny dayal, rohit fernandes from Yen Ippadi Mayakkinaai - timepass song with some weird lyrics

Yen Ippadi Mayakkinaai music is composed by Sathya. I am unable to find more about him.

8) Thallakulam by Silambarasan from Renigunda - typical mass hero song with robust beats, nicely sung by Simbu.

9) Vizhigalile by Bombay Jayashree from Renigunda - typical slow melody but neat tune

10) Gandharvanil kottai by - attractive item song with good use of music arrangement

11) Mazhai peyyum podhum by Harish Ragavendra from Renigunda - lovely love ballad, melody. sinks in very easily.

Renigunda music is composed by Ganesh Raghavendran, great grandson of Veenai S Balachander. Very promosing beginning for him.

13) Naalu Suvarum by Benny Dayal, Rahum Nambiar, Timmy - An heavy duty techno track, highly attractive tune, lyrics. Pallavi lyrics of lyricist Karki will bring smile on your face for sure.

14) Vaanam Puthidhu by Vijay Yesudas - nicely sung, soothing melody. simple and elegant lyrics makes this song

15) Kaadhal by Sujatha - another melody, with smooth flow.

Ilamai Idho Idho music is composed by Vidyasagar. His melodies have remained interesting so far, and he delivers vaanam song with absolute control and love. Excellent melody from him once again.

That leaves me with Vettaikaaran, Yogi music. Vettaikaaran music is typical of masala movies. Yogi is flattering to deceive, i thought the music was good in the first listen, but when i repeated, i started disliking it. Yogi theme music in saarangi is good, rest can be ignored.

Two tracks Kaadu kalai katta, yera thaazha yezhi mani from Peranmai are decent. Rest can be ignored.


  1. Hi Vijay,
    Since u have great knowledge abt music,I have a question for u..

    who gets the credit for a good song?. Is it music composer or the lyricist.

    I mean take for ex
    Oru kal oru kannadi,
    udayamal moodi kondal kaadhal....
    (i came to know the meaning in this blog)

    Can u explain how this song came alive( in general any song). I always wondered how a song is composer.
    Any insights?
    thanks and keep posting ur thoughts.

  2. Ash., Song creation is a team work. Director explains the song situation, mood, who plays what part and the music director comes out tune. Once the tune is approved, lyricisit fills it with fine lyrics and everyone checks, corrects, improves. Then, the songs goes for basic recording with track singers and then the final recording with lead singers.

  3. Hi VijayGanesh,
    Thanks of the reply .
    Well in that case, i think lyricists have to be given more credit i guess, for organizing great words according to tune. I know its complicated and i might be biased,but I was always fond of how the lyrics mean than tunes.
    Thanks once again,