Sunday, October 11, 2009

Leelai - Music Review

Movie Name: Leelai
Music By: Satish Chakravarthy
Overall Rating: Very Good

Leelai Music Review

1) Bubble Gum By Benny dayal, Sunitha sarathy, Suvi & Leon James - 3.5/5, Techno track with attractive beats, with loads of english words

2) Jillendru oru kalavaram By Satish Chakravarthy - 4/5, simple techno melody, catchy lyrics, watch out for the beat change in 2nd stanza, superb song with active chorus throughout makes this song very interesting

3) Oru Kili Oru Kili By Shreya Ghosal,Satish Chakravarthy - 4/5 - Typical raja days music arrangement melody, nice tune, nicely sung. Usage of Tabla adds flavour to this song. Second stanza music makes you feel that the director has got some cue to take the story forward.

4) Oru Kili Oru Kili By Satish Chakravarthy - 3.5/5 - typical slow song of the happy song with piano, violin playing in the background

5) Pon Maalai By Benny Dayal - 5/5 - techno track, energetic catchy tune, lyrics majorly flattering girl all through. Benny fits the bill with ease

6) Unnai Paartha Pinbu - 3.5/5 - Nostalgic song, arabic flavour elevates the otherwise a dull tune. Haricharan carries the song very well.

This debut album of Satish Chakravarthy makes you to sit up and notice who is behind the music. Very good effort.


  1. Leelai Official Website:

  2. Hi..

    Though the music got released in 2009.. only yesterday, thro tv programs got to know abt this movie..
    Asked couple of friends who keep track of the music updates.. none knew abt this movie.
    Sad that good songs went unnoticed..

  3. I hear that the movie is going to be released soon bwn Feb to April. DO watch out. Music certainly got noticed.... I can see lot of tweets about Oru Kili track