Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meaningful Lyrics?

I got lot of comments on some of the recent songs. Whether the song was good, whether it was worth the time spent in publishing the lyrics in blog, why such crap songs come in first place etc...

Let me try to take a view on this topic:

Our movie, music industry is some some 80 year old. So many songs, tunes have come out, probably in millions of numbers. Hence, there is nothing which can be claimed as "unsaid", "brand new", "highly creative", "never before" etc.

If you take Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu most of the songs recycle the words - the lyricists cover some 300-800 words and make songs. There are hardly few songs which can be said as "revolutionary". Logically speaking, there is no requirement to publish the lyrics or asking for english meaning as these are like "algorithm of words"

One cannot expect any great meaning in every song they hear. One should be lucky if we are happen to hear at good lyrics in love duet or in thathuvam songs. Kuthu songs, hero intro songs are mostly meaningless and rhythm oriented.

To end the serious write on fun., Vairamuthu once was getting ridiculed for the algorithm logic. I illustrate that below but no offence meant to any lyricists:

To quote an example.,

Colomn 1 has words like Raaja, deva, raathiri, pesiya, azhagu, boogambam
Colomn 2 has words like Mullai, idhazh, roja, maan, jeevan, boogambam, minnal
Colomn 3 has words like Kaathirukku, poothirukku, paathirukku, vizhithirukku, sethirukku, sirichirukku, pozhinjirukku and verthirukku

For example,

Azhagu minnal kaathirukku
Deva mullai sirichirukku
Pesiya jeevan paathirukku
Raaja idhazh verthirukku

How is it?


  1. wow!!!! great try....that really inspires me to take up to pen few lyrics for hero intro song :D:D

  2. Hello sir, I've been following your blog for sometime for Tamil lyrics. I don't know about other languages, but telugu lyrics are sure became deadpan.

    I was simply blown away when I read the translation of the lyrics of "Newyork nagaram" from SOK. The word-to-word translation in the telugu version felt lifeless.

    Its amazing that there is still poetry in tamil songs (With the little tamil I know and the translations I read on the Internet)

    I have a req., Can you post the meaning of the songs "Kadhal Sadugudu" and "Snegidane" from Alaipayuthey ?