Friday, October 2, 2009

How do I listen to music

I get some privacy when i listen to an album for the first time. First listen is mostly on speakers. I listen to the tracks with an eye on track listing like who sang, who wrote the lyrics etc. Second and third listenening goes on ear phone. Second listen will be focussed on singing pattern, third listen focussed on music arrangement.

If i dont get a good impression within these three rounds of listening, i dont return the album again. If i started liking couple of tunes say out of five tracks, i listen to those filtered tracks again many times. By 6-9 listening, lyrics gets on to my mind. it helps me a lot in posting the lyrics in my blog too.

I prefer indian music even though i like all kinds of music. I was born and brought up in Mayiladuthurai / Mayuram, Tanjore district. We lived in Mahadhana Street where the temple procession used to be held every year. I used to walk along with god's procession when i was a kid and enjoy listening to Nadaswaram and that is how i am familiar with carnatic music like Mallari, Sakkani raja. So i I never curse any song which is based on carnatic raaga :).

I have good ear for music but sometimes i also get it wrong. Like the recent song Nanbanai paartha from ninaithale inikkum - thought it was a fabulous song and very very few people came to the blog in search of its lyrics.I know it was a hit in radios but not in web it seems.

A hit song gets you hooked on first listening. It has an impeccable punch which will make you to go back that song again and again. Example Chayya chayya, taxi taxi, hasili fisili, mala mala, sona sona to quote a few...

The tune, sound, flow gets on to the mind over the period. I can easily identify hundreds of songs from the staring music !!!

Have fun and keep listening to good songs:)


  1. good one :D:D

    off the topic: watched thiru thiru thuru? sort of jolly going...give it a try :)