Monday, December 21, 2009

Chennai's sad IT corridor

Chennai's IT corridor sucks in big way. First of all, it took years to come up. JJ started but lost interest and put it on unofficial hold. then, the DMK government came and little bit of accleration and opened it for traffic in phases.

But the road it not at all wide and hardly one and half lanes available for traffic. Large number of local population uses share autos, van for their commutation and block the left lane. Hi-tech buses (both government and software companies), Lorries occupy and curtail the overtaking to greater extent.

The linking to connecting roads like Thoraipakkam - pallikaranai are in such a sad state as drivers are forced to drive at first gear to navigate potholes, zig zag up and downs. Another example is the connecting road for MNM college.

I still cant figure out why they are collecting Rs.30 per round trip ! Pray the government takes some action to smoothen traffic flow.

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