Saturday, December 12, 2009

Vande mataram

The great indian indian slogan "Vande mataram" needs to be changed to "வந்தே மாத்தறோம்" or "here comes to change" by our politicians.

The regional chuvanism is well established in our country and some states are waking up bit late with this slogan when compared to Tamil Nadu. Congress was playing with the people of Telengana for a long time now their election manifesto clearly supports separate state Telengana. But Congress did not try to arrive at consensus despite ruling Andhra Pradesh for a long time.

The issue of Telengana was so badly handled with no sensitivity to people, or attempting to arrive at consensus and it puts us into great shame and in our democratic process.

If splitting up of states is the only solution, then India can split Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Gujarat would be in race to it and only poor Kerala would be left out due to its size. Even MK would try to split TN into two so as to smoothen his heir's power struggle... who knows...

I am for status quo and support splitting of Uttar Pradesh due to its size and their share of MPs berth in Parliament; Rest of the country can wait and focus on development to take India forward in economic growth.


  1. I think u must analyse things before analysing! Please learn the history of telungana before writing crap about it.

  2. Mr. Ilavarasan., I stand by what i wrote. if you dont like, no issues.