Friday, August 20, 2010

Driver behaviour - indian roads

We have seen this enough and we can co-relate this easily. Driver behaviour pattern in comical way observed as done in Indian Roads...

1. What to do when signal turns on?
A. Honk first and change move the vehicle

2. How to use indicator?
A. Not while turning. But to overtake, zig zag in the roads while overtaking

3. Why do two wheeler driver turn head while driving in the road ?
A. To turn that side.

4. Why bus driver move from left to extreme right when the leave the stand?
A. No one knows. Just got used to it.

5. Why do medians are there in road?
A. Thats the doubt for many. It simply spoils the free way concept.

6. Why do signals operated by traffic men manually?
A. To make the traffic jam uncontrollable

7. Why do two wheeler mirror exist?
A. To comb hair, to hang light weight plastic bags and not to see the traffic behind while turning... strictly...


  1. Ha ha... #3 is ultimate...Unknowingly, most of us do that for sure... LOL.

  2. Hahaha.......Rofl! :))) And #2 is my mistake too!

  3. Vipin, Aditya - all comes from our experiences only.... Aditya - i thot u will like # 5 more than any other point ;) !!