Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tour of Ajanta, Ellora

Where is it ?

Its near Aurangabad. Ellora and Ajanta are 110 KMs apart.

Where to Stay?

Either in hotels of Aurangabad or Hotel Kailas, Ellora

What to expect ?

Paintings in Ajanta, Sculptures in Ellora

What kind of Food one get?

Veg, Non-Veg with good taste at Aurangabad, Ellora, Ajanta. Pan and Jilebi are also pretty good.

Tips for visiting ?

Do not visit in hot summer. Do visit between Aug to Dec. Take a guide. They are cheap and decent. Dress softly, take water bottle, snacks before entering the caves as you need to roam inside for 3-5 hours.

Which is best?

Ajanta caves are pretty well maintained when compared to Ellora caves.

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