Thursday, August 5, 2010

Resignation episode

All the incidents in the below email is imaginary. Any similarities to real life is just incidental.

1. One married lady team member resigns and her release date is fixed as per notice period. She has resigned bcoz she wants to be with her husband who lives in another city.

2. Intimation goes to client.

3. Client Manager calls up why is she resigning., she is a good resource., we dont want her to leave.. blah blah....

4. Resource co-ordinator confused and explains the background.

5. Client managers asks find out what her husband does and see whether you can offer him employment in your company !

6. Resource co-ordinator turns speechless. He gets call from the account manager, his boss, resource co-ordinator's boss - all asking the same question - what does the lady's husband do., and u dont know abt it ???

7. Resource co-ordinator is trying hard to find a way to handle this situation !


  1. Rofl! Give twice the payment for one employees work, to 2 people, for we dont want first one to leave! Is this a case for Disguised unemployment?

  2. Aditya... very confusing episode. Cant make out logic.

  3. Me too Confused...