Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Chennai auto fare - daylight robbery

Chennai autorickshaw fare remains as a day light robbery. It goes unabated for so many years. Latest instance points to reduction in fuel prices not passed to commuters.

Minimum fare unofficially charged at Rs.25/-; In the last one year, fares have gone up atleast 25%.

This is significant when MTC reported highest ever passenger traffic on Feb 1, to the tune of 50.5 Lakh passengers which resulted in 2 Crore rupee of ticket sale.


  1. I totally agree... it's not only in Chennai, you'll find the same attitude in coimbatore forever I think!

    Well it is no different in Bangalore too :-(. *Sigh* meter is just a namesake affair.

  2. Daylight robbery is the perfect word to call it as. No one is bothering about this. Its its upto the commuters to do something in this regard, the government and all are useless to expect something from. We together can only do something to stop this. So from my side I've decided to not to use autos and also asking myfriends to not to, till they come down. And request you too to do the same..

  3. Sapna - Thanx for the comment.
    Nag - Yes, agreed.