Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sex and Sensex

I had come across this funny post some time back., so sharing with you all ! A nice, smart, double meaning comparison of Sex with Sensex !

1) Some like it long, some like it short.
2) You can study the market as much as you like, but it all comes down to luck.
3) Those who talk about it the most, have the least experience.
4) One simple mistake could lead to 18 unprofitable years.
5) Some prefer to sit back and watch it grow.
6) Terms include swing trading, asset turnover, naked call, after hours, insider trading, silent partner, blind entries, 30-day wash rule, straddle, triangles, descending tops, ascending bottoms, pump and dump, partial surrender, stop order, position limit, voluntary liquidation, and explicit interest.
7) Low confidence can keep you out of the market.
8) Everyone tends to focus on performance.
9) Some do it alone, others do it with a group, and some hire professionals, and the best reason ...
10) Some positions are better than others and the best position is always up for debate!

And remember, past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.


  1. It was cool, awesome comparison of the two words which sound so similar.I would want to share this with my relatives , but uncertain about how the reaction could be.Good post anyway!!

  2. Welcome Chakramnomics ! Do come back.