Sunday, February 22, 2009

Frost / Nixon Movie Dialogues

Frost / Nixon is a different movie. It is a political drama and it has one of the wonderful performances of Frank Langella as Nixon, Michael Sheen as David Frost. The supporting cast has also shaped out well. Fine direction by Ron Howard.

What stands out in the movie is its wonderful dialoges., so here I go in listing some of it !


James Reston - But instead of satisfaction i'wd imagined, i just got angrier and angrier bcoz there was no admission of guilt, there was no apology.


Swifty Lazar: i got 500,000 dollar, Mr president its a half a million dollars for a television interview, it is unprecetended

Nixon: yeah? wehh, what's the catch?

Swifty Lazar: with frost? None, it'll be a big wet kiss. This guy'll be so grateful to be getting it at all, he'll pitch puff balls all night and pay half a million dollars for the privilege !


David Frost - Success in america is unlike success like anywhere else and the emptiness when its gone


air hostess: champaigne?

Caroline: no thank you

David Frost: you dont like champagne?

Caroline: not on airplanes

David Frost: yes it dehydrates one terribly. The trick is to have a glass of water on the go, too like the vieneese serve the coffee!

Caroline: well, i'hv never been to vienna

David Frost: oh, you will like it, its like paris without the french


Caroline: but, what made you exceptional, they said, was that you were a person who had achieved great fame without possessing any discerbible quality

David Frost: how kind

Caroline: Ummm


smile pls...

Nixon: right there, now you can put that in your apartment in new york, and all your liberal friends can use it as a dartboard

Caroline: well, actually, i am living in monte carlo at the moment

Nixon: really

Nixon to Frost: hey, take my adivce, you should marry that women

David Frost: yes, lovely isn't it?

Nixon: more important than that, she comes from monaco, they pay no taxes there


Zelnick: what about jack kennedy?

Interview Director: that man...he screwed everything that moved, fixed elections and took us into Vietnam. and the american people, they loved him for it. whereas me, nixon, worked around the clock in their service and they hated me !


Nixon: grand university, what was it, oxford?

David Frost: cambridge

Nixon: did the snobs there look down on you too?

David Frost: chuckles

Nixon: of course they did, thats our tragedy, isn't it, Mr frost? no matter how high we get, they still look down at us

David Frost: i really don't know what you are talking about

Nixon: yes, you do. Now, come on, no matter how many awards or colomn inches are written about you, or how high the elected office is for me, it's still not enough. We still feel like a little man the loser they told us we were a hundred times. the smart asses at college, the high-ups, the well-born, the people whose respect we really wanted, really craved. And isn't that why we work so hard now, why we fight for every inch, scrambling our way up in undignified fashion? If we are honest for a minute, if we reflect privately just for a moment, if we allow ourselves a glimpse into that shadowy place we call our soul,

isnt' that why we are here now? the two of us? Looking for a way back into the sun, into the limelight, back onto the winner's podium, bcoz we could feel it slipping away. ,we were headed. both of us, for the dirt ! A place the snobs always told us that we'd end up. Face in the dust. Humiliated all the more for having tried so pitifully hard. well, to hell with that !

We're not gonna let that happen, either of us. We are gonna show those bums, we're gonna make them choke on our continued success, our continued headlines, our continued awards and the power and glory ! We are gonna make those motherfuckers choke !

Am i right?

David Frost: you are, except that only one of us can win.

Nixon: Yes, and i shall be your fiercest adversary. I shall come at you with everything i got, bcoz the limelight can only shine on one of us. and for the other, it'll be the wilderness, with nothing and no one for company, but those voices ringing in our head.


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