Thursday, February 19, 2009

Recent Cricket Series - Update

Recent Cricket Series - Update

India Vs Srilanka - Not a surprise at all for fans. Sri Lanka had lost their consistency in recent past whereas India gained the same under Dhoni. Srilanka can comfort themselves from Dilshan's recent knocks. Where as India had nothing to complain from its performances !

Australia VS New Zealand - NZ had wasted opportunity to take revenge on Australia. NZ started well but failed to capitalise the 2-0 advantage and ended the series with 3-2 to Australia. Australia's star performer turned out to be Nathan Bracken.

Forthcoming Series - Outlook

I feel India would perform well when compared to their past outings in NZ this season. It is going to be a huge challenge for India to overcome the speed tracks and bouncers. I predict shaky start resulting in consolidation in later matches. For me, result does not matter - I will be happy as long as India does not come back with wash out series or humiliating defeats !

Australia does not have to prove anything when compared to South Africa. I feel South Africa would win the series. Hussey's return to form is a good news for Australia. It is going to be a tough fight although.

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