Friday, February 20, 2009

Clashes in Chennai High Court

Clashes in Chennai High Court between Police and Lawyers on 19th Feb

Lawyers have worked only 9 days in 2009 - rest of it were devoted to strike in support of Sri Lankan Tamils & LTTE. No one bothered about service - after all, every case goes for years so what if it adds another 3 months to it !!!

Dr.Subramanian Swamy (read as Naradar) came to the court - the learned lawyers, professionals threw couple of eggs on Swamy - called him traitor for not supporting LTTE - Police came and tried to arrest 16 lawyers - lawyers resisted - police strength were 500 & they could not practice how to handle riots for a long time as tamil nadu remains a peaceful land - they used this as practice ground - resulted in bloodshed between lawyers and police

Now, more protests, dharnas, strikes, enquiry, investigation, justification etc...

- Unruly mobs taking law into hand is a success story of movies;
- it remains a success story called strike and bandh
- it became political unions from welfare unions

This is a sad result of politisation, polarisation... Long live our democracy

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