Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Price of Rice shoots up

Price of Rice has gone up substantially in one year - from Rs.18 to Rs.40/=. I am talking about price of normal rice, packed rice etc in any of the retail shops in Tamil Nadu. I am ignoring Ration Shops for sure !

The surprise point is No newspaper is reporting it, no news channels reporting it; Forget that one - even the political parties who are bothered about Lok Sabha election votes are not exploting it !!!!!

I am unable to understand why no one shouting about the price rise of Rice - Puzzled, bewildered, worried. The government is supposed to protect the civilians by managing unusual price rises - they are not bothered ! Long Live our Democracy !


  1. Surprisingly, the price of rice in the US has gone down a bit.
    I didn't know this piece of info. Interesting to note though.

  2. I did some research on price rise and realised that TN gets rice mostly from Andhra and the demand for rice has gone significantly gone up in AP. So, the price rise in TN due to demand supply mismatch. Otherwise, coffee, rice and sugar prices are stable and going up slowly in international markets.

  3. My observation is that the Commodity markets are betting on commodity futures and that increases the price. It is now a open gambling !