Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brawn's success story

Brawn is on the roll in F1. They came from no where and became nightmare to traditional winners like Ferrari's and McLarens.

Jenson Button and Barrichello were sweating out in the circuit for many years. Even they would not have dreamt of such a consistent, winning performance. Button is in blistering form this year and it is no surprise it irritated Barrichello. What to do... Some people are designated to be in # 1 than # 2.

What to say, I am disappointed with Ferraris not doing well. Trust, they will make some impact in the forthcoming races.

This post is dedicated to GV !


  1. ha ha .. yea ... Brawn has been surprise to many ... but do rmr that he was the one who was architecting the wins for ferrari with Schumi. He planned not to return from sabbatical to ferrari and moved to Honda as principal director. Now when honda went for sale ... he jst put the team together and used the same genius he used with schumi to get back on the podium.

    Schumi and ross brawn were long time associates that schumi when he moved into ferrari ... forced them to recruit Ross brawn as the principal ...

    Also remember that the new principal at red bull now is the long time associate of mclaren team who was architecting the wins for hakkinen :)

    So, its not the new ppl winning but the same people but at new places. Anyways its interesting to see new teams adapt so well to the new rules while major teams feel lost :)

    hoping ferrari Fights Back ! :)

  2. tx VGS saab for the dedication :-)

    As u've said its absolutely Brawn's all the way.Button is having the best season of his career.5 wins out of the first 6 races.This the second time such a thing happens in the history of F1.

    Happy tat force india atleast finished the race.

  3. "They came from no where and became nightmare"

    whoa....gr8 line...:-D

    Jus like deccan chargers and royal challengers in the IPL-2.
    Came from being last 2 from the last IPL to finish top 2 in this season.