Sunday, May 17, 2009

UPA's Victory

UPA's Victory

UPA's victory is sweet and it is a vote for stability. Votes have carried out a silent revolution by giving a comfortable near half-way mark in parliament thereby silencing loud politicians like Laloo, Amar Singh, Mayawati. Rahul Gandhi's campaign also added strength and invited youth to vote. Congress must take positive steps on development, disinvestment. They must take steps to curb rising prices of commodities.

I will not be particularly happy if P.C gets Fin Ministry again !

BJP's defeat

BJP lost and they won 14 seats lesser than previously. Projection of Advani as PM candidate and bring-in of Modi in half-way resulted in apathy of BJP followers. BJP simply did not have alliances to give credible fight in half of states. Hence, the result is no surprise.

BJP should realise moral policing of Mutaliks would take the youth further away from BJP and focus on development.

DMK's Victory

One of the incredible campaigns of DMK - with out its leader, most of the work was done by Stalin, Azhagiri. This victory confirms the "leadership passage" to its dynasty and it was executed well. Second rank of DMK made sure PMK was routed. Power of money was visible and it was well spent as it fetched votes clearly across Tamil Nadu.

DMK's strength always made their cadres, followers vote without fail. This ensured the massive turn out and confused many. DMK must do something productive to solve the power crisis rather than distributing TVs.

Jaya's state

Jaya's fight was good, alliances was good in paper. But it did not translate into landslide victory despite anti-incumbency factor. That is because of opportunistic leaders of her partners and not because of her.

She should relax for now and see how to strengthen her party and rescue some voters from vijaykanth's party.


Thank you voters for routing Left, and creating a stable government. Trust you are sick and tired of the rise and rise of small parties. You must make yourselves present by casting a decisive verdict now and then. Otherwise, amar kathas would keep visiting us.


Despite your best attempts of creating gossips, creating alliance stories, false media savvy leaders, air conditioned analysis - you could not influence the crores of voters. They voted nicely, they were not carried away. Your exit poll sample size is laughable but your story telling of the exit poll outcome was so decent. Carry on your tamasha, you are indispensable in 21st century.

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