Monday, May 4, 2009

Hamam Pavithra TV commercial - remix

Hamam TV commercial is being aired for the last one month - it goes like this - mother asks daughter to buy a soap - then bewilders - what will she buy, will she buy the hamam or something else - if she uses something else allergy will come, confidence would go etc etc... finally daughter pavithra buy the right soap - hamam and returns - every one is happy !!!

Now the remix goes like this ;)

Father asks son to buy liquor / sarakku - son leaves - father is terrified - ayyo enna sarukkkunnu sollaliye, enna vanguvano - thappa vaangina vaandhi varume, thalai suthume, bothai eraadhey, ayyo enna pannuven etc etc... Son buys the right sarakku and comes back home - everyone is happy !!!


  1. Poor Hamam! They wouldn't know where to bang their heads :D

    I wonder how they gonna 'remix' the tag line "nermai naa hamam soap-da kanna". Hmm.

  2. hehehe... this one is damn funny!