Friday, May 1, 2009

About Chennai Birla Planetarium

Chennai Birla planetarium is situated very close to my home. I managed to finally visit with my family on Thursday.

Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Center on one side - sadly maintained, most of the exhibits are not working - this place only requires some security and not any officers - that kind of sorry state.

Another broken play things were located outside and was called park.

We saw the cosmic show in planetarium and it was good, simple - that was the only consolation.

My son asked me a question at the end - why exhibits buttons are not working? is it bcoz science does not work?

I thought in my mind - science works, it is our administration which fails consistently.

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  1. I totally agree - it is such a sorry state of affairs, even the tiny bits of recreation arent taken care of tch tch... it are the same here in B'lore and I am sure in similar locations as well. The govt will do nothing to bring about comforting change to the public places – It’s time we take certain things in our hands at least for our future generation.